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 January 30, 2015


One exam strategy may be effective for others but not for you. This is why I always teach my students to find study techniques that are suitable for them. There are actually many resources online where you can find some study tips and strategies and you can try using them to see if they work for you. Well, most exam tips are often beneficial to many people. However, there are those who have different study needs that should be satisfied. I found this post yesterday and thought it would be nice to share it here with you. Perhaps you can find some techniques here that can help you do well during the exam. I hope this helps!

Great Tips to Ace your Exams. You Won’t Believe #3! | Campusgrids

https://www.campusgrids.com/great-tips-to-ace-your-exams-you-wont-believe-3/Every student has his own way of preparing for the exam. Here are some great exam tips to boost your confidence when you start preparing for your exams.

Find a quiet and undisturbed part in your house to study. Your exam preparation needs a lot of time and effort and therefore, you must choose a place which has good ventilation and gets a good amount of sunlight during the day.

When you sit to study, switch off your cell phone, turn off the radio or TV and shut the door. It is a myth that we can multitask.  Via campusgrids.com

There are many ways to achieve exam success and I personally believe that students only need to work harder and use the best study techniques suitable for them. I also have a post that you can check out on about how to prepare for the IELTS Singapore test. Watch out for more of my coming posts.


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