Do You Need A Private IELTS Tutor? 

 November 15, 2014


Getting an IELTS private tutor in Singapore can make the difference between you passing the test or otherwise. Though it is more expensive than doing IELTS preparation course, you will have the privilege of having a professional private tutor attend to you one on one (1 to 1).

How many times have you done your English test, all without success? How do you gather skills that you need to pass the test? All of these questions and many more are your questions that you want answers to.

The answer to the questions is private tutor. A tutor will work together with you to help you identify those areas where you are weak, so that you can concentrate upon improvement in those areas.

The private tutor will practice the tasks with you, giving you the correction to your work, and feedback that will also help you to know how you are progressing in your work of preparation towards it.

Since the arrangement is private, you are free to negotiate the time that you want the teacher to be coming, it could be in the daytime, or in the evening, you will determine that, and allow the IELTS private tutor to agree with you.

The arrangement can also be online, or offline coaching. The online is more versatile as lots of available resources can be seen and used easily. You the candidate can employ tutors from any part of the word, as distance is not a barrier for you on the internet. The cost of getting online private tutoring is far cheaper when you compare with face to face tutoring system.

If you are a student or candidate that cannot discipline himself/herself to sit down and study, you should not go for online tutoring, because it will take just sending instructions, and marking assignment given to prepare you, you need real monitoring by tutor working by your side.

Matching your request with that of the  private tutor will help you to get the best hand that can give you the type of change you want.

How To Maximize The Benefits of Having An IELTS Private Tutor in Singapore

If you have been able to secure the service of an private tutor, then make sure that you are able to get all the necessary help that you need from him. Since you are going to pay for the service, ensure that you get every information and skill improvement that will help you to pass the English test you are planning to do.

You can follow the guide below to do this;

Let the IELTS private tutor in Singapore find out and tell you your weak areas where you need improvement, and start to work on that particular area. You have not hired English tutors just to have general idea of what IELTS is all about, but to do those tasks that will enable you to pass the test, you can start from the area where you find difficult to understand and move on from there.

An experienced Singapore  IELTS private tutor will be able to identify your weakness easily, and coupled with your personality and other factors surrounding your person, should be able to prescribe and use the best method that will bring a fast and effective result.

Face the major things first, like how to write a good essay, let the IELTS private tutor in Singapore write one in the standard that is required for you, and use that as a springboard for teaching you what you need. From here you need to start developing yourself in it. It is after mastering this aspect that you can now pay attention o smaller details like grammar structure, spelling mistakes, etc.

You can take your time to do some extra work, may be after the class to check upon some model answers on the internet and compare what your teacher had taught you, to better your skills, this will help you to learn faster, and will give you more questions to ask which will lead to more work to do.

Allow the IELTS private tutor to do the marking right in your presence, ask him to explain the important points the IELTS exam markers will look for and how they do grade scores and bands. Having all these in mind will help you to know what you must supply in your work when you are doing the test.

For the speaking task, practice and allow the IELTS private tutor listen and correct you, telling you all areas where you need to improve, what you must include to make your speech perfect for the test. Your teacher should do one example himself, or have one ready to use to teach which will have all the standard elements that is required for the IELTS exam.

Use this standard speaking test to learn, try to follow what is done there and master them. Practice more and allow your tutor to correct you all the time.

Make sure you cover all the tasks format for the particular category of the test you want to do as much as possible, do not leave any of them untouched, only that you should concentrate on the ones giving you more problem to understand and do.

Let your work be consistent, and allow for standard time, with all other conditions that will be present in the exam hall, practice a mock exam on all the tasks and let your IELTS private tutor grade you.

At the end of your contract with the IELTS private tutor, you should have a good idea of what your score in the real examination will be. This will give you more confidence in yourself and help you to be in the right frame of mind as you look forward into writing the exam

Your IELTS job should not be on the tasks that you are to do alone but should cover everything that has to do with the exam. Information about what you are to do before and during the exam, and all other factors that are relevant to your success in the exam should be included in what you are to know.

At the end of the day be sure that you have not wasted your money on hiring an IELTS private tutor, be sure you have all you need to pass your test, and do not forget to communicate with your tutor immediately after the exam and share with him how you fared.


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