Everything about Jonathan’s Tuition Services

Passing the IELTS exam can take a lot of preparation and hard work. However, with teacher Jonathan examinees will find it extremely easy to prepare for the exam. This teacher uses highly-effective exam preparation approach that fits the unique needs of his students. Enrolling at the IELTS preparation course will help examinees improve their English language skills and knowledge as well as their chance in passing the exam. Jonathan has created customized lesson tutorial approach, which has been proven to work. For several years, this approach has already helped many of his former students get a high score in the test. It is tailored in accordance with the their individual needs as well as their learning capacity.

IELTS Tutorial Class

About His IELTS Tutorial Class

There are four sections of the test and through the years of teaching teacher Jonathan has figured that exam takers can truly benefit from his course if they focus on the two most difficult parts of the exam. The Speaking and Writing sections are the sections that his tutorial sessions focus on. This remarkable teacher believes that examinees should use their free time in practicing and studying the Listening and Reading sections at home and be ready before the class. In this way, they will spend less amount of time studying these tests and focus on the difficult ones, which are the Speaking and Writing sections.

Teacher Jonathan understands the mistakes in a classroom setting that can be prevented. Students in a class often make mistakes repeatedly and since there are too many them, a teacher cannot spend the entire time correcting all these errors. When this happens, they will not be able to know whether or not they are already making English speaking mistakes. This is one of the reasons why this brilliant teacher wants to focus on the Speaking section during the tutorial session.

There is also a logical explanation why Jonathan wants to focus on the Writing Exam as well. The Writing exam is often the part where many test takers get the lowest score or fail. One of the problems discovered by teacher Jonathan is that examinees who practice writing in a classroom setting can also have less chance knowing what their mistakes are. Teachers, including his colleagues, often spend around 20 to 40 minutes just to make a thorough correction for each student’s writing. This encourages teachers to mark the essays without giving the right amount of attention. They usually end up not knowing what their mistakes are or how to correct them.

Having a 7.0 + Score in the IELTS Exam

There are actually many reasons why teacher Jonathan is a renowned IELTS test in Singapore. He has teaching experiences in various countries outside Singapore such as China, Australia and Canada. His students come from many areas around the globe such as in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Philippines, France, Spain and other countries. He has spent years teaching a variety of students, and as a result of his extensive teaching experience, he has created his own set of notes that has 50 pages. Each of the test takers will be given a set that contains unique Writing teaching methods. This set has been widely known to help students ace their writing paper. There are many private schools in Singapore and other countries where Jonathan had experience teaching in.

He has decided to offer a one-to-one tuition because he believes that giving a personal attention and satisfying the unique learning needs of test takers are one of the best ways to help them learn well and improve their performance in the exam.

Many of this exceptional teacher’s former students have given him testimonials and positive feedback. They expressed their gratitude for Jonathan’s impressive coaching methods and being able to get high scores especially in the most difficult part, the Writing section. A majority of these IELTS passers even sent the print screen of the actual results they received after taking the test.

Passing the IELTS exam

How Much Does It Cost and Cover?

Teacher Jonathan understands the value of money and time that test takers should invest in his class. This has led him to offer excellent tuition fee and packages. He is accepting a minimum of two hours per lesson with a cost of $80 every hour. Students can also take advantage of the huge discounts available especially when they come together in class with a few number of people. Check out the costs and packages offered by teacher Jonathan:

One student per class: 10 lessons, 2 hours per lesson at $70 per hour = $1,400.Two students per class: 10 lessons, 2 hours per lesson at $50 per hour = $1000 per student.Three to four students per class: 10 lessons, 2 hours per lesson at $40 = $800 per student.

The 10-lesson tutorial course coverage may depend on certain factors, and students need to answer some questions that will help Jonathan come up with the lessons most ideal to them or their situation. He will try to know some things such as the number of lessons that students want to take, skill level, their expectations and the number of hours they plan to study every week. These are just among the questions that the teacher will ask, and once he gets the answers he will create a training plan. This 10-lesson tutorial course will be based on the learning capacity of students, their needs and expectations. He will include the lessons in class as well as those that examinees should study at home.