IELTS Exam Preparation Tricks 

 February 2, 2015


I recently came across an article here that discusses the tips and tricks in preparing for the IELTS Singapore exam. I thought this post would be extremely helpful to individuals who want to progress and learn how to speak, listen, write and read with the use of the English language. There are actually many techniques that test takers can try on, and most of these methods have been proven helpful in helping students pass the test. Anyway, please check this post out:

IELTS Exam Prep Tips and Tricks

http://www.thinkvidya.com/a/ielts-exam-prep-tips-and-tricksIn conversation with Niels Kokholm Nielsen, Linguist and Official Cambridge Examiner who shares insights and strategies to score higher in the IELTS exam.

MeetUniv.com: MeetUniv.com is an education website which helps universities & colleges connect with right student profiles. It also enables students to connect directly with top universities in Australia, Canada, Dubai, USA, UK and Singapore, and help them select the right college or university easily. MeetUniv.com offers students free expert guidance, scholarships & exam preparation for IELTS, GRE, GMAT and more.

MyIELTSGurus.com was founded by MeetUniv.com. The institute offers IELTS preparation course with quality study materials which enables IELTS aspirants to crack the exam quickly and efficiently. It has counseled 68,500+ students so far!

Mr. Niels Kokholm Nielsen, Linguist and Official Cambridge Examiner

Niels Kokholm Nielsen: Via thinkvidya.com

I personally believe that test taker should explore all the tips and study techniques available to improve their chance in passing the exam. You need to remember that it can take a lot of preparation to do well during the exam, and this means studying more or better yet enrolling in a preparation course.


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