Need To Pass Your IELTS Exam? Attend The Most Effective IELTS Preparation Class in Singapore (450+ Passes)

Jonathan has been specializing in IELTS preparation for over 10 years. With his unique IELTS teaching materials and notes, he's helped over 450+ of his students pass IELTS!

What we do

We prepare students to pass the IELTS exam

We address all 4 components of the exam: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. In addition to this, we also teach Grammar & Vocabulary, both of which are important if you want to do well.

We address both Academic and General Training IELTS. And our classes are suitable for the different types of IELTS: Online, Computer-Delivered and Paper-Based.

what makes us different

10+ Yr IELTS Expert

Jonathan has been specializing in IELTS preparation for 10+ years. During this time, he's created a lot of unique student materials like his IELTS Essay Template Formula which has helped hundreds of his students pass their IELTS Writing (the most difficult IELTS component).

I took IELTS 15 times and attended 3 other classes before attending Jonathan's class. I always got 6.5 for IELTS Writing. Jonathan has developed his own technique and strategy and I finally got my 7.0 for Writing after his class! Jonathan's class is the cheapest I found on the market and the best I've experienced.


Former Student

Jonathan's IELTS Essay Template Formula (ETF)

[50+ pages, 10 years in creation, 100s of hrs of detailed analysis & work, has helped 100s of students pass IELTS Writing]


What students say


I am a Singaporean and English is my 1st language. I thought it would be easy to pass my IELTS but I was wrong! I failed once and then found Jonathan's classes. His notes and materials are so good. The techniques taught by him were so new to me and it is something you NEED to know if you are sitting for IELTS. After his class I passed my IELTS (7.5 overall) and was granted my Australian PR!


I would give a lot of credit to Jonathan for my 7.5 overall score in IELTS. His coaching was spot on and gave me the tips and tricks to approach the exam in the best possible manner. From the weekend classes to the preparatory material he gave me, I could see that I was getting better and better with my preparation through his continuous guidance. In the end, I could not believe that I achieved a good score in just one month. I would recommend him for everyone pursuing this test.

Soe Hein

Thanks to Jonathan's class, which is highly effective, I scored 8.5. My previous score was 6.5 but I didn't receive proper lessons then.

The clear explanations, writing templates, and methods of improvement delivered during his classes were truly beneficial to me since I had only about 3 months to prepare for the test.

I wouldn't have achieved what I much needed if I hadn't attended his classes. Thank you, Jonathan


I took the exam a few times and failed before attending Jonathan's IELTS classes. After Jonathan's classes, my score exceeded my expectations and I passed with 7.0 (I only needed 6.0). The main reason is Jonathan's clear and systematized IELTS class structure. Thank you Jonathan - this is going to change my life.

KK Gan

My friend Vitul improved his English level tremendously and introduced Jonathan to me because I was trying very hard to obtain 7.0 for IELTS. Straightaway after attending Jonathan's classes, I managed to get 7.0 for all 4 components. This shows the effectiveness of Jonathan's teaching. All in all, Jonathan is the best English teacher and I am fortunate to have been taught by him - as compared to the rest of the English language institutes that I have attended thus far.


Thank you very much for the lessons Jonathan. I got an overall 7.5 - good enough for me to further my postgraduate programme.

The 4 lessons are extremely concise and effective. The first lesson changed my perception. I didn't know English can be so profound and precise.

Fortunately within 4 lessons, you pinpointed and summarized the crucial parts that enable me tackle it precisely. Your methods are super effective in dealing with my IELTS exams given a short preparation time and busy schedule.


I failed my IELTS twice and then I decided to take Jonathan's class and it was ultimately the right decision. His lesson material is so organized and task oriented. He gave us templates for the writing tasks which are very useful and idiot-proof. True enough, after attending his lessons, I scored 7 in writing with just a single try! I would definitely recommend his class to anyone who has one goal in mind, which is to score well in IELTS.


I was not able to clear the IELTS writing portion - I was always stuck at 6.5. After attending Jonathan's classes, I took the exam and got 7.5 for writing and improved in almost every component. His lessons focused on what is expected from IELTS, knowing your mistakes and how to tackle these problems. Thanks to Jonathan that I passed the IELTS with flying colours which is more than my expectations.


I did my 4-week course with Jonathan. It was the cheapest fee I could find and fits my schedule perfectly as I'm working. He was very patient in teaching us and his tips were really helpful, especially with the writing task since it was the most challenging part of the exam.

I was targeting all 7 for Academic IELTS. I took the exam and the best part is that I was even able to get 7.5 overall.

I can say that his course is highly recommended. Now I'd be able to take my course in Australia. Big thanks to you Jonathan!

IELTS Preparation Class Package & Syllabus

IELTS Preparation Class Package

  • 4 Face-To-Face Classes of 4 hours each: Sunday 6pm to 10pm in a classroom conveniently located a few minutes walk from Dhoby Ghaut (NS24 / NE 6 / CC1) and Somerset MRT (NS 23).
  • Covers all 4 IELTS Components: Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. Also covers Grammar & Vocabulary for IELTS. This is for both Academic and General Training IELTS.
  • 250+ Pages of Notes & Materials (including 50+ pages of my unique IELTS Essay Templates).
  • Homework (Please note that my IELTS classes are not easy. I challenge and push my students to work hard and do their homework. If you want to do well in IELTS, you need to work hard!):
  • 20+ hours of additional video teachings (to be watched at home)
  • 20 to 50 hours of homework (in addition to watching the 20+ hours of video teachings mentioned above)
  • Additional 200+ pages of homework materials
  • Unlimited Zoom Classes & WhatsApp Support:
  • Fortnightly 2-Hr Zoom Class: Q&As, writing correction, additional activities, etc.
  • My students can ask me any questions on WhatsApp even after their 4 classes end.
  • Unlimited Use Of IELTS Exam App with 300+ Tasks To Practice! (Worth S$500+!):

Total Cost For Class Package: S$800*

* S$550 only if you get the Early Bird Discount (see below)  

Early Bird Discounted Price (S$550 instead of S$800)

I offer a few Early Bird Discounted Class slots every month:

Early Bird Discounted Price: S$550 $800

This is for those who register early. If you want to know if there's still a discounted class slot for the upcoming month, please WhatsApp me now:

IELTS Writing (the most difficult IELTS Component!)

  • My Super-Ninja Essay Templates (see below). I'm so proud of this and my students absolutely love these templates. This is probably the most valuable set of notes in all of my classes - and my students' secret weapon to doing well in their IELTS Writing. It's an original creation by me and can't be found anywhere else in the world. It took me hundreds of hours to create it and I've been improving it for the last 10 years.
  • This is what one student said of my templates. He wrote: “The Essay Templates are simply incredible. After going through it and understanding it completely (takes time, but it's well worth it!), I believe you when you said you put in hundreds of hours into it and it's nothing like I've seen elsewhere - I've taken a few other classes before and nothing else comes close to the amount of detail your Writing teachings and Essay Templates have. Thank you Jonathan. I really believe it helped me to finally pass my exam after so many times!"
  • My SWAC Formula that consists of 4 easy methods that you can use in your introduction and conclusion to paraphrase sentences and ideas. In addition, find out the one common mistake amateur students make in relation to paraphrasing and what can be done about it. (Hint: it relates to using “synonyms” carelessly.)
  • One unique but simple strategy I've been teaching my students that has enabled them to practice their IELTS Writing in a stressful manner - and prepare for the IELTS Writing in a more consistent manner.
  • 3 deadly careless mistakes related to question analysis made by even high level IELTS students that can result in you not addressing all parts of your Writing Task and thus failing to achieve 7.0.
  • A simple formula to ensure that you won’t write too few words or too many words for your IELTS Essay.
  • step-by-step detailed approach to writing every sentence in your essay – in the introduction, body and conclusion. Learn this and you will never be confused about what to write for each part of your IELTS essay. I’ve made it so easy that even a 7-year-old can follow!
  • 8 types of IELTS essay questions that you will encounter – a result of analysing every single essay question (over 500+) in the past ten years (2014 to 2023). 95% of IELTS essays come from these 8 types. 3 of them are extremely common and every student should definitely prepare for them.

My IELTS Essay Structure System

My IELTS Essay Templates (12 pages shown above - 50+ pages given in my IELTS Class)

IELTS Speaking

  • Speaking Part 1 & 3: 2 Main and 5 Mini Speaking Strategies that include Structure, Phrases and High-Level Vocabulary to help you fulfill the Speaking Band Descriptors and score well in your Speaking Part 1 and 3.
  • 4 unique strategies (which include Ideas, Phrases and High-Level Vocabulary) to effortlessly speak for up to 2 minutes in your IELTS Speaking Part 2. This is the most difficult part for most IELTS students as they don’t know how to speak for long.
  • One student wrote "After yesterday's class on how to talk for 2 mins, I applied it and talked non-stop till the examiner stopped me." (She got 7.0 for her Speaking!)
  • Understand the various Question Types for Speaking Parts 1 to 3 with a list of hundreds of past year Speaking questions.
  • An unspoken rule among IELTS examiners that will help you do better in Speaking Part 2
  • Practicing your speaking a lot will help you improve your IELTS Speaking score, right? WRONG! Find out why in my class - and what's the correct way to improve your IELTS Speaking score!
  • The most difficult type of Vocabulary needed to score 7.0 - and a list of such Vocabulary that every student would definitely be able to use in their IELTS Speaking test. I teach students where to use them and how to use them.

An Overview of Speaking Part 1 & 3 Strategies

An Overview of Speaking Part 2 Strategies

IELTS Reading

  • Clear and detailed steps to answering all the 14 IELTS Reading Question Type.
  • How to really IMPROVE your Reading – and it doesn’t involve just doing mock (practice) tests over and over againI’ve never seen this method taught elsewhere. It's not easy to do this and it takes a lot of hard work, but the diligent students will see improvements in their Reading scores.
  • The 2 most difficult Reading Question Types - and how to answer them.
  • How NOT to fall for common tricks employed by the writers of the IELTS Reading exam.
  • The most ignored advice in IELTS Reading - and how not ignoring it can help you improve your understanding of the Reading passage.

IELTS Listening

  • Clear and detailed steps to answering all the 12 IELTS Listening Question Type.
  • What to actively do when you're listening to the answer to any listening question. Fail to do this and you could lose up to 3 marks in your Listening score.
  • Understand how a good grasp of grammar can help you improve your Listening score.
  • Two unique methods (that no one else teaches) that help you improve your Listening skills - something I teach all my students and after you learn these methods, you can use them by yourself at home to improve your Listening skills without any teacher's help.
  • Understand the reason why second language English speakers can listen to a phrase or sentence over and over again yet not know what it means.

IELTS Grammar & Vocabulary

  • The 12 most common Grammar and Vocabulary IELTS mistakes that students make. This is a result of an in-depth analysis I conducted with hundreds of my IELTS students over a 5-year period.
  • 2 seldom-taught High-Level Vocabulary Skills that, according to one student, helped him “understand English in a totally different way as compared to before.” I know of no other teacher that teaches these 2 important skills the way I do – with great detail and application to IELTS Writing (& Speaking).
  • Why language rules for English are not fixed and how it can change. Understanding this will help you to understand how languages and English work - and will especially help you with your Grammar and Vocabulary for IELTS Writing (& Speaking).
  • The most important, yet almost universally unappreciated, reason why every IELTS student should be using a good English dictionary when practicing their Writing. NO, the most important reason to use a dictionary for IELTS students is NOT because they don't know the definitions of words! I also tell my students:
  • What's so bad about bilingual dictionaries.
  • 1 powerful but little-known type of dictionary that will help you improve your English for IELTS (My students love this one and they start using it a lot even after my classes)
  • Why 90% of all my students would write a WRONG sentence like “My father discourages me to migrate to America.” (Yes, you probably think there’s nothing wrong with the sentence and when I explain the mistake to you, I guarantee that you’ll start seeing and understanding English in a different way)
  • Why the majority of students who read a lot in English never improve their Grammar and Writing. (If you’ve been told that reading will improve your English automatically, that's only partly true. I demonstrate this in class and I’ll explain what you need to change in your reading in order to improve your English)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The S$550/S$800 Class Fees Per Month Or A One-Time Fee?

The S$550 (Early Bird Discounted Slot if still available) or S$800 (Normal Price) is for the Whole Class Package, not per month. That is, it's a one-time fee!

Here's what the whole class package consists of:

  1. 4 Face-To-Face Classes of 4 hours each - covering Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. And for both Academic and General Training.
  2. 250+ Pages of Notes & Materials (including 50+ pages of my unique IELTS Essay Templates)
  3. 20+ hours of additional video teachings (to be watched at home)
  4. Additional 200+ pages of homework materials - activities will require 20 to 50 hours or more.
  5. Unlimited Zoom Classes & WhatsApp Support - Fortnightly 2-Hr Zoom Class.

When Does Your Early Bird Discount (S$550) End?

I wouldn't know when the discount ends. I offer a few every month and when they are all taken then the price will revert back to S$800 (Normal Price) instead of S$550.

My advice to you is that if you're serious about the Early Bird Discounted Price, take it as soon as you can. Every month I have students expressing interest in the Early Bird Discount but by the time they are willing to register and pay, the discounted slots have all been taken. So be quick! It's called an "Early Bird Discount" because it's only for those who register and pay early! :)

How Do I Register For Your IELTS Class?

Here are the various ways you can register for my IELTS Class:

  1. You can use PayNow or PayLah to my mobile number 9768 1054 (Jonathan).
  2. You can transfer the money to my POSB Savings Account Number: 154005617.
  3. You can scan this QR Code and use the PayNow or PayLah App (Jonathan):

What Do You Do In Your Unlimited Fortnightly Zoom Classes?

These are some of the activities we would do during the Zoom Classes:

  • Ask me any questions about IELTS and my teaching.
  • Bring your Writing for correction, comments and grading.
  • Do Speaking practice with other students and with me.
  • Do additional activities (Writing, Speaking, Reading, Listening, Grammar, Vocabulary) that will help you improve your IELTS score

All my students would be able to attend these fortnightly Zoom classes till they pass their IELTS exam!

Are Your Fortnightly Zoom Classes Really Unlimited?

Yes, after your 4 Face-To-Face IELTS Classes, you can attend the fortnightly Zoom classes as often as you want! I know that no other IELTS school in Singapore offers this but I'm doing this to be able to help all my students improve and pass their IELTS exam.

Even if you're taking IELTS in 6 months' time or next year, you'll still be able to attend all the fortnightly Zoom classes after you finish taking your 4 Face-To-Face Classes.

Will I Get My Desired Score After Attending Your Classes?

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get your desired score after attending my IELTS classes. That would be dishonest to do so. Whether you’ll get your desired score after my classes depends on a few factors:

  1. What your level is now
  2. How much effort you put in during and after my IELTS classes (I give a lot of homework and a lot of additional videos that students need to go through in order to improve)
  3. What your desired score is

Every student is different. But if you do everything I tell you to do and do all the work that I give you, you will improve and have a higher chance of getting your desired score.

Are 4 Weeks Of Classes Enough?

Most of my students don’t take the exam after 4 weeks of my class. I always tell them that the most important thing is to be prepared before the exam because the IELTS exam is not as easy as students think.

I teach a lot during my 4 weeks of class and because most students are working adults, they don’t have enough time during the 4 weeks to do all the homework and watch all the additional teaching videos. So many students normally spend at least a few months (after attending my classes) studying with my materials, teachings and videos and applying the proper strategies I've taught them in order to improve their English. It’s important to be prepared before you take the IELTS exam.

Also, I advise students to take advantage of the free fortnightly Zoom class to ask Questions, get your writing corrected and to go through further learning activities.

How Do I Know When I'm Ready To Take The IELTS Exam?

When you attend my classes, you will be taught what the examiners are looking for and as you go through my teachings and your homework, you will also know what your level is. You will then understand when you’re ready to take the exam. My advice to all students is not to book the IELTS exam yet as it is more difficult than most students think. Most people take the exam before they are ready and they fail and thus waste S$350+ of their IELTS exam fees.

Also, don't forget that all my students can attend the free unlimited fortnightly Zoom class where they can get your Writing marked and graded.

What's The Difference Between Your IELTS Classes And Others In Singapore?

I’ve been teaching English for over 15 years. 10 years+ ago, I decided to specialize in teaching IELTS. Because of this specialization, I thoroughly understand the exam and what’s needed to help students achieve their desired score.

I am probably the only IELTS teacher in Singapore who specializes only in teaching IELTS. Other teachers would be hired by various language schools to teach a lot of different types of English levels - and thus don't have the knowledge or experience that I have with preparing students for the IELTS exam. 

Because my focus has only been on the IELTS exam for the past 10+ years, I’ve created a lot of very helpful IELTS materials and strategies which are extremely unique and which you’ll not find elsewhere – especially for the Writing and Speaking component. Take, for example, my IELTS Essay Templates.

Also, I’ve helped more than 450 students pass the exam after attending my IELTS classes. I have 450+ real testimonials of students on my website. Probably many others have passed but haven’t gotten back to me so the number would be much higher.

Out of these 450+ students, many of them attended other IELTS classes and failed the exam (especially the Writing component) many times before coming to my classes, after which they finally passed. You can read about my students' experiences here: 450+ Student Testimonials.

However, please note that I can’t and do not guarantee that students will get their desired score. Any honest teacher and school would not be able to guarantee that their students get any particular school. That's impossible to do so. So please do not think that you will definitely pass IELTS after attending my classes. You will need to put in a lot of hard work too! But as you can read through my student testimonials, if you do work hard, you have a very good chance of passing your IELTS exam.

What Are The Things I Should Consider Before Choosing Which IELTS Class To Attend?

Here are some things you should think about before deciding which IELTS Preparation Class to attend:

  1. Number Of IELTS Passes From Their Students: Perhaps the most important thing is looking at testimonials from the school's previous students. In particular, how many students have passed IELTS because of the school's teachings. Ultimately, you have one purpose in attending the IELTS Class - you want to pass IELTS. About 60% - 80% fail IELTS on their first try - because they are not sufficiently prepared. And many fail IELTS over and over again because they don't know how to prepare correctly. Choose a School/Class with results because that's what you want.

    For me, I've helped over 450+ of my students pass IELTS. You can read more about it here:  450+ Student Testimonials.

  2. Unique IELTS Preparation Materials & Strategies: Does the class use typical IELTS Preparation materials and strategies that are found everywhere else online or in the bookstores? If so, then expect results that are typical - most people fail IELTS many, many times.

    For me, I've been specializing in IELTS Preparation for over 10 years and I've created my own materials and strategies (especially for Writing and Speaking, but also for Reading and Listening) that you won't find elsewhere. Even my Grammar and Vocabulary teachings are very unique and have helped a lot of my students.

    Years ago, I stopped using typical IELTS textbooks that can be found on the market because I've come up with much better ways and strategies to help my students pass IELTS. For example, I've invested hundreds of hours on my IELTS Writing Essay Template System - which many of my students would say is the best and most unique IELTS Writing teaching in the world.

  3. Experience of the IELTS teacher: I'm probably one of the only or few IELTS teachers in Singapore that have specialized in IELTS teaching for over 10 years and that only teach IELTS. In almost all bigger schools, you'll get teachers who are just "hired" to teach IELTS but don't have a lot of experience. As a result, most of these teachers just use typical IELTS textbooks and don't create their own materials. For me, I've been creating my own IELTS materials and strategies for over 10 years. And I'm constantly creating better materials all the time!

  4. Unlimited Support after your classes end: Every student of mine has my WhatsApp number and can ask me any question any time. In other schools, you definitely won't get your teacher's number if you need help! And also in other schools, you won't get unlimited support after your classes.

    After my Face-To-Face classes end, all my students are able to attend my 2-hr fortnightly Zoom class for free and ask any questions there. They can keep attending this Zoom class until they pass their IELTS exam! There's no extra charge for this! They can ask any question related to IELTS and my teaching and I correct their writing live on zoom and we do additional activities to help them improve further. No other school offers this type of unlimited support!

Contact & Address

contact Jonathan

You can contact Jonathan through leaving a message in the form or through the following:

WhatsApp: +65 9768 1054


Classroom Address

Address: Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall, 100 Orchard Road, #03-04, Singapore 238840. (Do note that I will only be at this classroom on Sundays 6pm to 10pm when I teach so if you want to meet me to discuss your IELTS preparation, please contact me first at +65 9768 1054.)

How To Get To Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall

From Dhoby Ghaut MRT (NE6/NS24/CC1): Take Exit C and walk for a few minutes along Orchard Road towards Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall. 

From Somerset (NS23): Take Exit C or D. Get out of the shopping mall and cross to the other side of Orchard Road. Walk a few minutes towards Concorde Hotel & Shopping Mall.

Note: You can also go to Google Maps and search for "Concorde Hotel" to find out how to get here.

How To Get To The Classroom (#03-04) In Concorde Hotel (on the Main Lobby Floor of the Hotel)

The classroom is located at #03-04 - which is on the Main Lobby floor of Concorde Hotel. Once you're on that floor, find #03-04. We are using the same classroom as the "Arabic Council" classroom.

Cheapest IELTS Preparation Class in SG: Only S$550*

& Most Effective IELTS Class in SG: over 455+ IELTS Passes Produced