Attend The Best & Cheapest IELTS Preparation Class in Singapore (450+ Passes)

Jonathan has been specializing in IELTS preparation for over 10 years. With his unique IELTS teaching materials and notes, he's helped over 450+ of his students pass IELTS!

What we do

We prepare students for the IELTS exam

We address all 4 components of the exam: Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. In addition to this, we also teach Grammar & Vocabulary, both of which are important if you want to do well.

We address both Academic and General Training IELTS. And our classes are suitable for the different types of IELTS: Online, Computer-Delivered and Paper-Based.

what makes us different

10+ Yr IELTS Expert

Jonathan has been specializing in IELTS preparation for 10+ years. During this time, he's created a lot of unique student materials like his IELTS Essay Template Formula which has helped hundreds of his students pass their IELTS Writing (the most difficult IELTS component).

I took IELTS 15 times and attended 3 other classes before attending Jonathan's class. I always got 6.5 for IELTS Writing. Jonathan has developed his own technique and strategy and I finally got my 7.0 for Writing after his class! Jonathan's class is the cheapest I found on the market and the best I've experienced.


Former Student

Jonathan's IELTS Essay Template Formula (ETF)

[50+ pages, 10 years in creation, 100s of hrs of detailed analysis & work, has helped 100s of students pass IELTS Writing]


What students say


I am a Singaporean and English is my 1st language. I thought it would be easy to pass my IELTS but I was wrong! I failed once and then found Jonathan's classes. His notes and materials are so good. The techniques taught by him were so new to me and it is something you NEED to know if you are sitting for IELTS. After his class I passed my IELTS (7.5 overall) and was granted my Australian PR!


I would give a lot of credit to Jonathan for my 7.5 overall score in IELTS. His coaching was spot on and gave me the tips and tricks to approach the exam in the best possible manner. From the weekend classes to the preparatory material he gave me, I could see that I was getting better and better with my preparation through his continuous guidance. In the end, I could not believe that I achieved a good score in just one month. I would recommend him for everyone pursuing this test.

Soe Hein

Thanks to Jonathan's class, which is highly effective, I scored 8.5. My previous score was 6.5 but I didn't receive proper lessons then.

The clear explanations, writing templates, and methods of improvement delivered during his classes were truly beneficial to me since I had only about 3 months to prepare for the test.

I wouldn't have achieved what I much needed if I hadn't attended his classes. Thank you, Jonathan


I took the exam a few times and failed before attending Jonathan's IELTS classes. After Jonathan's classes, my score exceeded my expectations and I passed with 7.0 (I only needed 6.0). The main reason is Jonathan's clear and systematized IELTS class structure. Thank you Jonathan - this is going to change my life.

KK Gan

My friend Vitul improved his English level tremendously and introduced Jonathan to me because I was trying very hard to obtain 7.0 for IELTS. Straightaway after attending Jonathan's classes, I managed to get 7.0 for all 4 components. This shows the effectiveness of Jonathan's teaching. All in all, Jonathan is the best English teacher and I am fortunate to have been taught by him - as compared to the rest of the English language institutes that I have attended thus far.


Thank you very much for the lessons Jonathan. I got an overall 7.5 - good enough for me to further my postgraduate programme.

The 4 lessons are extremely concise and effective. The first lesson changed my perception. I didn't know English can be so profound and precise.

Fortunately within 4 lessons, you pinpointed and summarized the crucial parts that enable me tackle it precisely. Your methods are super effective in dealing with my IELTS exams given a short preparation time and busy schedule.


I failed my IELTS twice and then I decided to take Jonathan's class and it was ultimately the right decision. His lesson material is so organized and task oriented. He gave us templates for the writing tasks which are very useful and idiot-proof. True enough, after attending his lessons, I scored 7 in writing with just a single try! I would definitely recommend his class to anyone who has one goal in mind, which is to score well in IELTS.


I was not able to clear the IELTS writing portion - I was always stuck at 6.5. After attending Jonathan's classes, I took the exam and got 7.5 for writing and improved in almost every component. His lessons focused on what is expected from IELTS, knowing your mistakes and how to tackle these problems. Thanks to Jonathan that I passed the IELTS with flying colours which is more than my expectations.


I did my 4-week course with Jonathan. It was the cheapest fee I could find and fits my schedule perfectly as I'm working. He was very patient in teaching us and his tips were really helpful, especially with the writing task since it was the most challenging part of the exam.

I was targeting all 7 for Academic IELTS. I took the exam and the best part is that I was even able to get 7.5 overall.

I can say that his course is highly recommended. Now I'd be able to take my course in Australia. Big thanks to you Jonathan!

Free Online Workshops


A 4-hour+ Comprehensive Introduction to preparing for the IELTS exam.

This Online Workshop addresses:

  • Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Grammar & Vocabulary
  • Why 60-80% of people fail on their 1st attempt
  • Why taking IELTS Mock Tests is the wrong way to prepare
  • Smart Work vs. Hard Work in IELTS Preparation
  • 3 Components of Proper IELTS Preparation (& how much you should spend on each one!)


A 2-hour+ IELTS Writing Workshop where I share how you can create your own Essay Templates using my Essay Template Formula (ETF).

This Online Workshop addresses:

  • 3 Levels of IELTS Essay Templates
  • 5 Steps to Creating your own Level 3 Template
  • Why the "Learner-Centered" Educational Philosophy sucks when taking an Exam!
  • The Curse of the "Unknown Unknowns" (CUU) and the 4 Quadrants of Knowledge

...every IELTS test taker needs to understand the difference between "Smart Work" and "Hard Work" as you explained...


I just watched both of these workshops, not just once but twice over 7 days. There's a lot of great teachings there. I think every IELTS test taker needs to understand the difference between "Smart Work" and "Hard Work" as you explained in your IELTS Masterclass. I also agree with your 3 Components - I know because I have taken the exam many times and have failed. I also loved the Essay Template Formula (ETF) and used it to create my own templates. Perhaps not as good as those you give in class, but it really helped me with coming up with a structure and phrases for each IELTS Essay question type. I would love to attend your class but my exam is this coming week! Wish me all the best! If I don't pass yet again, I will definitely join your class!

Contact Information

Note: Classes are held every Sunday 6pm to 10pm

Address: Waterloo Centre, 261 Waterloo St, Singapore 180261

Phone: +65 9768 1054 (WhatsApp Jonathan!)